Friday, February 25, 2011


This kid would be fucking dead without me.

He's a tricky little fucker, that guy.

I'm not going down as easy as Shiloh.

I'll be taking over from here on out, I'll keep this little shrimp away from the blog until he stops flipping the fuck out every time the clock goes a minute past 5PM.

The only thing we have in common is dead families(buried. its amazing what you can fail to mention) and the guy.
He always seemed to like Shiloh better than me. One more reason to kill that fucker.
Both of them, really.

Shiloh was just a bad guy in general, though. Remember when he kept putting off saying what "really" went down while he was hollowed? Because he wasn't ever going to. I found his stupid fucking journal. 26 tallys, 26 kids personally buried. Yeah Shiloh, just keep telling yourself that you only helped kill 12. You know how much goddamn stabbing you did, the mutilation. All of the other hollowed you saw, too. You were just TOO brutal. Look at yourself now. 
The kid couldn't take that on his conscience. He had no fucking clue what to do about ANYTHING at that point. Just saying whatever dumb fucking pointless shit came to mind. Fucking murderer. I have no idea what you were trying to do after you got back. "Feels good to get that off my chest"

Shut the fuck up you fucking liar.

Time to get a fucking grip on the goddamn situation.

Oh, and Danny and Shannon?
Nice work fucking their lives up.

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