Monday, August 30, 2010


Starting tomorrow, I'm beginning an Illumination photography project...Basically taking a picture in the pitch black dark(I'm using the theater at my school) and drawing an image into the picture with a flash light. Super cool! If it's good enough (which it won't be) maybe I'll post it when it's done developing.

...Only Shannon is reading this though.

Goddammit Shannon.

Anyway I'm going to sleep now...Hopefully I won't have sleep paralysis or have one of those "oh crap I'm dreaming wake up wake up wake up" things again.

Uuuugh that is the worst part of going to sleep. And it's only 11: PM! I am so lame.

Just a thought before bed...

Archuleta and Lambert both got robbed. I'm only being honest.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't know...

How this website works, exactly. I've never been very good at this computer nonsense (Even though I spent half of my day on it) and I could use some tips on how to make my blog look all...spruced up. Blogging should be fun, yeah? I've always wanted to have a blog that people actually listen to and comment on.

Seize the day, yeah?
Carpe diem...