Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't know...

How this website works, exactly. I've never been very good at this computer nonsense (Even though I spent half of my day on it) and I could use some tips on how to make my blog look all...spruced up. Blogging should be fun, yeah? I've always wanted to have a blog that people actually listen to and comment on.

Seize the day, yeah?
Carpe diem...


  1. It's actually not complicated at all. Very user friendly. Have you come across the Template Designer tab thing?

  2. Yes! I was playing around with it earlier. Kind of cool. I don't tihnk I'll ever get around to having like, a custom background too much work!

  3. Oh you lazy boy.

    ... I don't even know if you can have custom backgrounds. Mine's one of the preset ones.