Monday, August 30, 2010


Starting tomorrow, I'm beginning an Illumination photography project...Basically taking a picture in the pitch black dark(I'm using the theater at my school) and drawing an image into the picture with a flash light. Super cool! If it's good enough (which it won't be) maybe I'll post it when it's done developing.

...Only Shannon is reading this though.

Goddammit Shannon.

Anyway I'm going to sleep now...Hopefully I won't have sleep paralysis or have one of those "oh crap I'm dreaming wake up wake up wake up" things again.

Uuuugh that is the worst part of going to sleep. And it's only 11: PM! I am so lame.


  1. Wow, that sounds really cool!

    Hope they turn out good!

  2. Me too! Got any ideas for a design I should do?

    PS: We need more people to follow our super interesting blogs!

  3. I'm content with at least having you! =D
    I've only got people cus of my posting on the slenderman stuff, lol

    As for a design... I have no idea. Abstract stuff? lol

  4. Augh don't talk to me about that stuff! Too creepy. Too creepy. I never made it past #14 and will never go any further!!

    Abstract is a huge umbrella Shannon. If people followed my blog, THEY would give me good ideas. Maybe twitter would work better for something like that?
    Yeah right, I'd end up with one follower, and said one follow would probably be some sort of internet pornstar.

  5. Uhhh, #14?

    I could follow you... do you need to have twitter to follow on twitter?

  6. ...Forget I said anything at all.

    Yeah, you do. I'm too lazy to make one right now. I'm supposed to be asleep!

  7. It's just from a video series about that...thing you're so interested. MarbleHornets? You've never seen it!?

    Okay, we can continue this when I'm no longer falling asleep.
    Also check my eye! Wooo

  8. Ah, okay, I'll check it out!

    (Btw nice pic, lol)