Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I wasn't too sure if I should let Danny talk about this, or if I should. I'm home and he's not, so I guess I'm just going to say it.

Brandon has gone missing.

For the last few days, he hasn't shown up for any of his classes. No one who is friends with him has heard or seen from him. His roommate says he hasn't been home, or been contacted.

Obviously, people are a bit worried.

I have a bit more reason to be worried, considering the week before he disappeared he started avoiding me and leaving me weird messages. There is an obvious connection but... What is it?

Not to mention Shiloh's two last videos. I can't even tell what is clearly going on in them, or why they were uploaded like that. He hasn't contacted me since the 11th... I guess he's gone missing too.

I'd really like to know just what the heck is going on.
I can't handle this much longer.


  1. Wow, the people around you folks sure seem to like disappearing. You sure it isn't time for a change in personality yet?