Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Set of Notes: Victims

My notebook is a total mess from all the shit I've written in it. Everytime I remember something, think something, I need to put it down asap. I can't risk losing this information. So it's time to start, time to let the world, and the rest of the people being followed by the slender man or other devices know what I've been through, what I've learned.

As you can assume, I've done certain things I'm not proud of while under his thrall (or if you prefer, while I was "hollowed"), and I won't be speaking of my guilt until it's neccesary. Allow me this? Thanks.

Now, from what I can tell, the slender man has three basic types of victims. There may be a lot of other types or variations, but these are the big distinctions I found.


As the Father, he seeks out his Children, follows them, watches them. Sometimes for weeks, months...he may even decide to play with you. Make your life a little more "Fun"...Until he finally decides that he likes you enough, that your worthy of his total "love".
Now, as most of us by now know (Probably by way of M), you become capable of being stalked by him once you know about him. Once you know about him, he knows about you. God help you if he decides to show you his love. Love of course, being taken off and never seen again. Killed. Father wants to show love to all Children.


He may decide you're good enough (I don't exactly know what kind of critera you have to meet), and choose to "Adopt" you. These are the step-children, he "hollows you out" and proceeds to make you his puppet. This is what happened to me, I guess. He gets you to do stuff for him, he never speaks, you just...know. What you have to do just comes to you as if an instinct. He'll tell you to bring someone to him, to kill someone's family...stuff like that. ...I assume. I don't know all the why and how--it's not like I was asking him questions; this is all observation. There were only a few that were around me. So I assume that this is the category with the lowest amount of people. Eventually, when he's done with you, he shows you his love...or disowns you. Regardless, you die.
I have no idea why I didn't meet this fate.

Finally there are the Orphans, the people he chooses are unworthy of love, or are in the way of him giving it to someone he really wants to love. These are the people you find tied to trees in black bags, skewered on a tree branch, a bloody smear on the wall...or even just "gone".

Sir Slender Man, you know there's really no difference when you KILL SOMEONE, right?

Another important thing you should note: I use this family terminology note as an absolute, but simply how I perceived it when I was "hollowed". When my mind went to madness, this was how I saw the world, how I saw the slender man, and everyone around me. So when I say "children" or "step children" you could easily substitute stuff like "chosen" or "worthy" or whatever you'd like. This is just how I know it, and it's how I can put it into words. I doubt he actually thinks he's some sort of Daddy, it's just how I saw it.

I'm gonna look over my crazy notes to put together another informative posts tomorrow or sometime, but now I'll explain some current events.

I've checked all of the letters and paper and stuff that was in my jacket when I woke up. A lot of crazy scribbling, as to be expected. There's around 74 of them. 20 of which I scribbled with "OWN ADELE OWN ADELE. COMING COMING." And a bunch of letters and numbers. More than I can count.

Own Adele?
Poor girl.
I'll talk more about these papers when I can think of something about them. When I can piece what they mean together. Maybe I'll scan some sometime.

Also,you may be wondering, "Shiloh, why aren't you on the run yet? The slender man is after you!" Well...I'm not sure if I should yet. Does he still want me? I haven't seen him, felt him(if he's following you, you probably know what I mean) since I got back. Maybe he forgot about me or something? can only hope.

That's not the really weird thing though.
The really weird thing is that nobody, my parents, my friends.
They don't remember I was ever gone.


  1. Its a theory that when your gone for a long time due to him, He somehow manipulates family memebers so that they think you were there all along.

    What happened to you is amazing, If slenderman and his actions were science, youd be a breakthrough

  2. I wish to express my amazement at what has happened to you, but unfortunately JABgamer beat me to it and has done a great job at expressing my own feelings.

    Good luck Shiloh. It sounds like you're save for right now, I hope you continue to be.

    Best wishes,
    Raz P.

  3. Sorry for double post, but I meant to say 'safe' not 'save'.

    Raz P.

  4. For now...

    Thanks Raz.

    You too, Justin.