Monday, November 1, 2010

Scaring People

The cuts on my arm keep opening up again, it's ridiculous.

Danny and Shannon. Whatever is going on with them is creeping me the hell out. I keep getting cryptic emails from a bunch of random addresses (with "scary" pictures like that dog meme. I'll post some later 4tehloolz?). Some sort of fearmongerer is...fearmongering. People are trying to scare people. Some sort of 4chan assault on the masses?
Hilariously enough, that wouldn't be so unlikely.

But I'm too genre savvy to be such a moron and believe something like that.

It makes me feel paranoid.
I swear to god I saw a CROWD of people in suits in the parkinglot while I was at the bus stop.
Goddamn buisnessmen and their uniforms.


  1. You SAid yOu didnt Have any cuts on your arm...

    Im..... IM just Scared now. Honest.

  2. To tell you the truth my memory is foggy about all that.

    But the cuts are there right , and I can trust in that reality xD

    No use in bugging out over stuff I already forgot.

  3. But.... You talked to me on Skype..... IN a video Chat..... They werent there.... Also, I did Start a blog. But its about Video Gamr Shit.

    Im always On Skype if you need a pick me up from ol JAB

    But If this Is serious, The sad truth is that, youll need to tell someone.....