Monday, December 13, 2010

Dreams and My Current Condition

I'm anemic.

Just...It just happened for no reason. Things would have been really comfortable if not for that. I'm trying to get better, I do everything the doctors say, but nothing seems to change. Not ever. I'm curious as to if it has to do with the tall guy or not.
By the way, still no trace of the dude.

Oh and Danny and Shannon, you two should...probably get going, if you know what I mean.'s safe here?
I'm worried for you two. It's hard to put the feeling into words.

Anyway...The other day I had a rather disheartening dream. I'm standing in the forest, in front of a dead body. She's hanging from a tree, short hair, long face, doesn't look much older than me. No blood, no wounds, just a plain body with a rope around it's neck. I reach into the pockets of her coat and pull out a note, a pen, a bracelet, and a bottle of pills. I stuffed everything into my jacket other than the bottle. Without thinking, I swallow everything inside the bottle all at once. Something tells me I was trying to overdose or something. I wandered through the woods and it got darker and darker. Blood started trickeling out of my nose, my eyes, my ears, my mouth. Then everything goes black as my head feels as though it bursts into flames.

Yesterday, I rummaged through my coat again.
I found a bracelet and a pen.

This happened.

Are the pills what brought me back?

Maybe this is all just a red herring.

The tall guy maintains his radio silence, and I'll just keep laying here in my bed, anemic.

I can hardly type, I feel so fraile.


  1. Hang in there, maybe you should sleep over at a friends or such so they can keep an eye on you for awhile. Stay safe.

  2. Neena raises a good point. I know the lethargy of hypoglycemia. It's pretty nasty, deadly even. May I suggest iron supplements at least?

  3. Supplements are up to the plate at the moment...If that doesn't get me any better, I guess a transfusion will be the only option?

    Just what I needed...

  4. ... Are you proposing we come see you?

    ... Actually, shit dude, that's probably a good idea.

  5. Ah, but I'm too hasty, would you even be up for a visit by us anytime soon?

  6. Hopefully...but it's not like you'd get all the way over here so soon anyway.