Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've been feeling really great about this trip. Danny's been awesome, cracking jokes the whole time we've been on the road. It's just been two days, but I'm already feeling like the mess back home is distant now. When we go back, it may be waiting for us, but maybe this trip will allow me to pretend it was all just a dream... for a little while, at least. :D

Though, I'm acting as if it was all perfect and dandy. The weather had us a bit worried a few times, and we veered to the left a bit from Chicago. Currently, we're in a quaint little place called Huntley. We're pretty sure it's about an hour away from our destination, so we will be heading out in the morning. Good thing we have internet here! Diane keeps texting me about the mess we left her with... or rather, the mess Danny left her with. She's so anal about all that... haha

This afternoon, when Danny was getting us a room, I took a trip down to the local coffee shop. I was a bit worried as we had slept in the car Saturday and Sunday. I felt like, being in this random place, that we'd be more exposed... I suppose that was silly thinking. I wanted to grab a coffee and take my mind off it, you know?

Anyway, in there, I saw this girl who was sitting alone. She looked really tired, and stared out the window as if watching some invisible plane fly across the sky...

Don't think I'm weird for doing this, but I sat next to her. The girl looked about sixteen and here I am, 21 years old, sitting beside her. I don't know exactly why I did, something just compelled me!

She was confused at first, but I introduced myself and told her I was just passing through the area. She mumbled her name, Julia, and told me that she never really met someone passing through Huntley. The conversation was surprisingly easy, she was a nice girl to talk to. She said she was seventeen, and recently started doing rather well in school. She tried getting into sports like her friend, and started feeling more confident about herself. She went on a lot about how grades had been so hard for her before, and now suddenly everything started feeling better. I agreed with her, confidence is key.

However, Julia suddenly changed topics on me. Started talking about dreams and how she felt as if they were always trying to tell her something. For example, she had many where her inability to act lead to something dangerous happening. She compared this to her lack of confidence before. Recently though, her dreams contained murder. She had never actually seen anything like that beyond a movie, and to have it right in front of her in a dream freaked her out.

I wasn't sure what to say. I don't like my own dreams very much either (But! I haven't had the crystal forest one in like a week! :D ).

Instead of telling her the terribly old "It's just a dream!", I told her that she was growing up, changing. No one likes change, change is SCARY. Get enough change and your dreams might just tell you to back out of this new scary stuff sitting right in front of you. Yeah, pretty wishy-washy advice, but I tried.

I don't think Julia really believed me, but she smiled anyway. She told me that she was glad someone talked to her today. Her close friends were AWOL on her and she was feeling a bit lonely. Yay for not coming off as a creepy molester!

Buuut seriously, talking to that girl made me feel better too. She talked so passionately about her rising confidence... I realized that's been something I've been missing lately. Danny too. CONFIDENCE.

We all need CONFIDENCE.

Cooonfidence. xD

I'm not worried about sleeping here now. If anything does happen? Danny and I can take it. We've been friends for a long time, we are a damn good team.


  1. Yes yes, confidence is good... ^^ I wonder about that girl though...

    Aaah, thankfully I'm healthy enough for you guys to hang out with me, now :D Just in time! Christmas miracle!

    I can't wait to finally meet yooooou!