Monday, December 6, 2010

It's late, but...

... I wanted to make aware that on the news today, a couple of kids were reported missing after disappearing from their homes overnight. Two girls. They were about 8-9 years old and were apparently best friends.

This kind of thing is devastating. I can't even fathom how cold one would have to be to take a child away from their family. It's always a selfish reason, whether it be perverted or malicious.

It's stuff like this that truly make me wonder if the monsters we create in our imaginative minds are really worse than our fellow man.

Man can be so cruel.


  1. I bet they ran away together, tired of their abusive families.

  2. Ugh.
    More people being led into the forest...

    We're all monsters, you know?

  3. Dan, that doesn't even make sense, they were CHILDREN, the concept of running away from home shouldn't even be in their mind.

    Also, why aren't you home? Please announce when you are coming home late instead of making me worried, I mean holy fuck you know we have this strange shit going on.

  4. Calm down, I just have my phone off because I don't want to listen to those creepy fuckheads at the moment.

    I'm gonna be out for the night, tomorrow I'll be checking out the alley again. Don't worry and stay put at home.

  5. Oh, the children.

    However, there are bigger fish to fry.
    See you soon.