Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Darkness

My phone died. Thank god there's a computer here. Someone contacted me a bit ago and I met up with her. She's sick.

She was in the area, we have the same problem. I've been telling her stories from the forest, she's very curious.
I can't deny a dying girl. ...Woman. She's 26.

Dying girls.

He needs help. All i'm asking is you take a look. My hands are full. They're full.

I got Jessica killed
Eleven other people.

I buried them.

It felt good to get it off my chest. Too good.

We see him everywhere these days. It's just getting more and more frequent.
I'm horrified every single time.
Every damn time I scream like a little girl.
i bet he likes it

I feel like there's always things going on, but they get covered up by the next thing.
I was "hollowed", Jake... Danny, Shannon and I were attacked, and now this.
Scattered. Wouldn't make for a good story.

I wish this was a fucking story.

Why does he have to walk so FUCKING slowW?

were in her dead parents' house.

Please give me one good night's sleep.

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