Friday, January 14, 2011


Nice post, Danny, I think I'll make my own.

Why are you suddenly being so paranoid? My parents ARE my parents, this IS my house.
I'm afraid that all of this is making you go a bit crazy.

I do know who Thomas is but I do NOT trust him. I saw him outside, staring at me through the window. THOMAS is probably one of the callers (or even that skinny monster) and Danny is falling into his trap.

I will not leave this house. It is dangerous outside.

I had an encounter with him, Danny, you didn't. Don't sit there and think you know what is best.

Please, stop telling him to leave or that he's not getting something, you people are only making it worse.


  1. Shannon, if you truly believe that something is wrong with danny, do you think that keeping him in a place that he is uncomfortable with is going to help his condition. If you wish for him to improve, Go with him, perhaps to another place that you deem "safe". And let him talk, and do not simply hear him, listen to him, comprehend his situation.

    Maybe you'll figure out that it is you that is wrong. That he is looking out for you as well as himself. That you have changed. Your attitude, the way you deal with things, even your typing patterns are different than in previous posts. If you find that you are right, you can simply head back to your parents home. Safe and content.

    However, be weary of Eyes Open. He might not be as stable as he appears, and We are not a group that suggests that you should jump blindly into some unknown arms. But, trust danny. You know him, has he ever done anything to intentionally hurt you?

    Be informed