Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Body Ritual of the Nacirema

Probably one of my favorite things to read ever. Well, it only really has the effect the first time but...

Wait, did I get another follower!? Worldwide conquest begins, I guess.

Clearly I'm hiding my excitement. Welcome to my world!

I'm not really sick anymore, I just have a small cough every now and then. Y'know, you feel stuff breaking up in your chest and you get that flemmy cough...Yeah, it's kind of like that. Go-Go Amoxacillan.

By the way, the "Droning"(cool word is cool ne?) I heard the other day, I talked to my neighbor about it and he doens't have any idea what it was, I assume it was his fan...y'know, like the roof fan? So he's getting that checked out.
I'm so proactive for a kid still living with his parents.

Oh and that date I mentioned? Totally fell through. But that's okay! Because I am currently breathlessly smitten by this new girl.
I move along so fast.
It's nice.


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