Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Headless Man

I live...Gee, maybe twelve minutes by car away from Evanston. So, this guy was walking his dog and found a headless body in a playground. Completely torn to shreds.

Seems really fucking shady to me.
They investiagated the explosion the first time and there wasn't anything there...Then where did that explosion come from? There was only one pipe bomb and the other device. So either the his head somehow exploded AFTER the pipe bomb had already went off and the police investigated, or that WAS the pipebomb that blew him up...But then what was the first explosion?
Whatever, maybe I just don't really understand what happened.

Things like this give me creeps. So much death and gore in my county.

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  1. Still calling ARG :p

    But its always a sad thing when someone sies :(