Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Droning

I'm getting sick. Well, I've been sick. "Getting" really...That's pretty much gone. It must be strep or something, I've been coughing for the last few day and spitting up that horrible...Yeah, you get that picture. Hopefully I'll be healthy enough for saturday (date! YEAH!!) but I'm sure I'll be fine by then. I've got some pills that will hopefully work some magic.

That in mind, getting to sleep is difficult...Y'know, runny nose, soar, dry throat (No matter how much water I drink, it never gets moist!!) pretty impossible, yeah? Well, it was made even worse by this horrible droning noise that was ringing all night, just outside my window. I'm thinking it was the fan on my neighbors roof but I really have no idea. It just went on and on and on and it was terrible. I shut all of my windows but it was still hard on my ears...After a while it honestly started sounding like some sort of robot-alien screaming for help. But that was just my looming insanity, so whatever!

See, I'm keeping you updated on me! BLOG!


  1. Ugh, that sounds really terrible.

    Hope you feel better for that date on Saturday. ;D
    You'll sweep this girl off her feet, yeah?

  2. @Shannon. I know I only commented on your blog one time.... but before I commented, I saw you in every other ARG I saw, so im gonna guess that your already thinking that this is ganna be one of them. ( dont taake any of that personally, The only blogs I look at on Blogspot are ARGs :p. Aside from the blogs on Screwattack)

    Oh and Shiloh, from now on, Shannons not the only one seeing this.

  3. I don't know Shiloh too well, but he's an actual person.

    Whether or not he's decided to do some role playing is to be determined.

  4. Haha, as if.

    Thanks for following! won't be too dissapointed by the lack of mysterious things going on...