Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not So Scary

Yeah, okay, creepy head and shoulders from my nightmare shows up in a photo I  took.
Yeah right. Yeah right! Coincidences...I developed the same photo again earlier today, and I got the same thing. So, it's probably just George Washington possessing my quarters or something. As if.

And I looked up what I could remember from me dreams for interpretations...The two most vivid dreams were the ones with the Chimera and the TV. I looked up static on a TV as well as the Chimera, and both seem to represent having a sense of confusion in your life.
Which...I guess I've been lately...It's something to think about!

I wish I could get my scanner working! AAARGH.

I'm gonna go play some Metroid Fusion and head to sleep. See ya round! (The two of you ;p)


  1. Metroid Fuision is awsome..... but if you have a PSP, Buy Kingdom hearts Birth BY Sleep. Itll be the last good game youll play anyway.... Because ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE!

  2. *Ignores your last comment, again ;p* Yeah!! I just got birth by sleep a few days ago! I LOVE Kingdom hearts! BBS was amazinggg. The secret ending got me all misty eyed, haha.

  3. DONT SPOIL IT! Since I suck at 100% IM playing it on HArd now.

  4. aw man. You're in for a treat! :D