Monday, September 20, 2010


Let me tell you guys a story. This blog IS for venting thoughts, right?
It's not?

A long time ago, when I was in grade school, I had this friend named Jessica. We weren't great friends by any means, we just shared all of the same [nerdy] interests. We shared [nerdy] writing, and she taught me how to roleplay. Our relationships pretty much existed only online. (Though we would dance at school sockhops and pal around)
But all that we had in common really made me feel close to her. We'd stay up all night talking with eachother just about whatever, whether it be our crushes or video games or whatever.
Of course good things don't last forever, we went to different highschools and stopped talking...We'd chat every now and then, but nothing too deep.

Until today! She just randomly called me and we started talking about this and that. Telling eachother how we've been. She's still an aspiring writer, and I told her all about my photography. Her Dad is a proffesional photographer! Who knew? Come to think of it I never knew anything about her Dad. Except that he's Mexican.
Which is funny because looking at her you'd never be able to tell one of her parents was Mexican. White as as a....white thing.
White flower.
She even gave me some advice about that girl I'm so into! Maybe I can finally approach her and my life will become utlimate at last! Although sometimes that makes me feel like a stalker the way I handle crushes...Jessica says its the same for her so...Yeah, whatever. Yeah, that'd be nice to finally talk to her and get this out of my system. I'm tired of the perpetual stomach aches. I'm getting them from just talking(typing)
about her.

Dammit, stop!

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