Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Life ----- An Artist

Everything is good right now. Or at least, it's about to be. I feel like the stars have aligned for me lately and everything is just bright. Nothing is going wrong! N-O-T-H-I-N-G.
At least I don't think so.

When I'm not swooning over a delicate lass, or wasting my time on the internet, I'm taking pictures of stuff and taking it to school to develop by hand. I guess that makes me an artist but I don't feel like it does. I feel like it's just a...hobby, and not real art. I've tried really hard my entire life to be some sort of artist, but my hands have always failed me. Now that I'm doing something artsy...It doesn't feel like. I want to paint.
Or Draw.
Or...Mold pottery.
I'm really bad at that too! I'm taking a ceramics class and school and I totally blow.

Speaking of my Photos...The other day I was putting a grid texture on a picture of some coins...and when I went to develop it the fixer must not have hit part of the paper, because there was like this squiggly...thing, imprinted on it in white. Kind of like a bush, except with just a few long "branch" type things.
And then another one that was just was covered in gray blotches. Ew. I hope I'm not losing my touch...

....And I'll post those illuminations when I get around to printing them. I developed the film though!


  1. I was gonna ask if youve drawn a circl with an X through it, but NOw I see it. Better go find a place to run too.... cause Slendys commin for you.

  2. Haha, don't even joke about that stuff dude. I get paranoid like nobodies buisness! I'm telling you, nothing is following me and I'm not doing some pretend blog. You're only going to be dissapointed when you find out this isnt one of those ;p

  3. Or I say I told you so when it is :p. But in all seriousness, Im Paranoid too, THose Slendy stories are acaring the hell out of me, but I cant stop reading them! I need help :(