Monday, October 4, 2010

The Journal, and the Blog

Today I was writing in my journal (guess which female I mentioned in that writing!)

Then I realized that it would've made a good blog post. But perhaps, not so.
So, in my journal, I'm just going to strictly write the days activities, and I'll put my feelings in here...

So how am I feeling? Besides constantly wobbly legs, I'm still afraid of waking up and forgetting my name. Sometimes, when I'm out shooting photos, I get these sudden headaches. According to my blog, I had posted about a headache during the week I can't remember, so that's what's so scary about it! Maybe it's something in the air. I still haven't gotten a chance to develop the pictures I took during that week.

The for lack of a better word, shitty, part of doing manual film is that I can't post anything I don't print! But I'll try to print anything cool I find so I can show you guys!

...It...makes me feel anxious. Just a little bit.


  1. Sigh...... Didnt I beg you not To make this one of those? Headaches, photos, memory loss.... ITs all there...... Plus If you really want to realax, Do what I do, either Play Team Fortress 2 (PC) or Half life 2 Synergy Mod.

  2. I'm not too keen on it either but my psychiatrist's word is absolute ><

    I have a crappy old mac from 2004...It can't really play games ;p I just stick to my DS and PSP...

    ...Well except for one game.