Friday, October 8, 2010


...They moved again.
Let's...ignore that. *Inhale* I'm just gonna do that.

Anyways, I developed the analog film on wednesday god I'm such an idiot. I forgot to put in the lightblockers and ruined almost every freaking picture.
Stupid stupid...

Only three pictures on the negatives survived unscathed. (Keep in mind I don't remember taking any of the pictures that were on these rolls of film) One was just a picture of some trees in what seems like Millenium Park. Another was a picture of my friend Ryan in front of a fountain. And the third...I took to the darkroom and printed it interested me.

Here it is:

Anyone know what this is? It kinda bugs me...I've never seen that sculpture before in all the hundreds of times I've been downtown. Any ideas? Comments?
...It's actually a pretty good picture! I should enter it in a contest.
A creepy contest.
It just...looks at me.



  1. hmmm strange..... P.S I found you on skype.

  2. Ha. Ha. Very funny. Nobody is stalking me, dude. As much as I'm starting to wish alien monsters that move around your toys at not are real, they aren't. lol