Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Behind her today, on my way home from school, I finally worked up the courage to say something.
And then out of nowhere, her Mom(I assume it was her mom) popped out and started talking to her. ...So I had to keep on walking.

This is getting REALLY frustrating. It's bad enough feeling like I'm a stalker, but...come on. I get zero chances to ever get any of this right! Bad situations...why have I got to be so damn shy?

So, being the angsty emo teen I am, I sighed to myself and turned the corner.

And then I was sitting at home.

I lost about an hour. I don't remember anything from between turning that corner and being here about twenty minutes ago.

Going to the doctor again when my Dad gets home...

I hate this. Throw me a bone, God.


  1. Who else would it be?

    I got some new pills to help with my "Stress"

    Isn't this something the doctors should be looking into more? Maybe it really is nothing, maybe I really AM just going crazy.

    Haha, sorry, I know an angry Shiloh isn't very becoming...I was made to be nice and gentle and quiet, weren't I?

  2. This just didnt sound like you and..... so wait, your in love with a girl? Mustve missed that, in the others. Well anyway, If you ever get a new computer, tell me. Cause when I got TF2, it came with a guest pass, (which is sorta like a free trial) Ill let you try it.

  3. Oh sorry.. for the longest time I thought you were a girl... Dont know why though. Just ignore the Your in love with a girl comment.