Thursday, October 14, 2010

You don't see with your eyes, You perceive with your mind.

That last post was pretty horrible.

I talked to my lovely shrink again (her name is Doctor Summers and she is way hot xp) and basically what she had to say was my mind is playing awful tricks on me, and I'm not taking my medicine as directed, and I'm under a lot of stress (photography deadlines rrrgh) I told her about this blog and she said that things like this make me feel as though I need something to report, and that it can make you subconciously exaggerate situations or even making you start seeing or feeling things that aren't there.

In my case, it's seeing things.

So...I'm not gonna post for a bit. For the good of my health! When I'm better I'll come and say hi and start posting again.

It's not like Shannon is here anyway.

I'll still be on skype and checking my email, though.


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