Thursday, October 7, 2010

Neither Here, Nor There...

Today was a day. I'm trying not to talk like everything in my life is one big strange occurance, but lately...I don't know, maybe I'm just getting paranoid from all the stuff going on with my memory. The medication...I don't know. So for some reason,a rail outside (Y'know, like the ones on steps?) was mind blowingly hot and I scalded all of the fingertips on my left hand. I need those for guitar! It's like every day I wake up and I keep getting worse. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I might actually be being driven insane by something or another but...When I woke up this morning...Well, let my start this as a new paragraph.

I have a couple of Megazords in my possesion. Y'know...those big combination robots from powerrangers? I have some of the big toys from my youth and they decorate my room because they look amazing. I haven't touched them in YEARS though. This morning they were all on my desk. I asked my parents and my brother if they moved them at all, but they said they hadn't been in my room since I went to bed.

Did I move them? Did I just...forget?

I want to say "On the lighter side" and talk about my romantic endeavors but I'm too messed up.

I'm scared, guys.
I don't know what to do about anything. Is this what it's like to be crazy?

Should've started with..."Dear Livejournal..."

By the way JAB...I'm a guy, yes. You're not the first person to make the mistake, though.

Nuts! I almost forgot, I talked to Shannon! She hasn't been on because...well, I don't know. She just kinda shrugged me off on that.
She seems okay though. Glad somebody is!


  1. If you heard my voice youd a thought I was either a girl or a 5 year old.

    Oh, I think I know of a way we can talk more often. Ever hear of skype? its kinda likde a chatroom sorta thing. I use to talk to the guys down at if you try it. look for JABgamer/someguynamedq.

  2. I...think I have Skype. I dunno. I just made a new account in case ou ever want to talk to me...RealShiloh, btw.